Dance Crew


What is it?

Jordan Mac is seeking advanced professional dancers to join our studio as part of an elite dance crew headed by Jordan Mac herself. Crew membership is a privilege for a select group of exceptional dancers in the area. As a member, you will be an ambassador for the studio and its brand, helping to grow the organization and your personal platform. 


As a member, your responsibilities will include:


  • Weekly meetings (2 hours: choreography/rehearsal and a subsequent marketing meeting)

  • Participate in exciting dance videos that will be professionally filmed and posted on social media

  • Social media marketing and branding for Jordan Mac Studios

  • Event Performances

  • Bringing in new students to the studio 


As a member, you will receive:


  • Incredible media exposure 

  • Professional level dance rehearsals 

  • Complimentary drop-in classes

  • Feature(s) in professionally filmed dance videos

  • 50% off studio rental rates

  • Free Jordan Mac merchandise

  • One-year contract with Mac Talent Agency

  • Commission on new student referrals


How do I become a member of Jordan Mac’s Dance Crew?

Jordan Mac is in search for the best and brightest dancers in the central Michigan area. This exclusive opportunity is by invite only and is open to dancers who meet the following requirements:


  • Strong social media presence (minimum 1,000 followers)

  • Exceptional dancer with proven skills (public videos posted on social media)

  • Available to attend meetings and dance rehearsals (including filming) 

  • Strong marketing skills

  • Punctual

  • Positive, upbeat, fun attitude

  • Accountable, responsible, respectful, committed, and dependable


What if I no longer want to be a crew member/it isn’t working out?

Once you sign the Dance Crew Contract, you will be required to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. Jordan will perform quarterly evaluations with each member to determine if the dancer will remain a member of the crew. A dancer can exit the crew at his/her discretion, but should only do so in extreme circumstances. Anything that may prevent a dancer from staying with the crew long-term should be discussed during the initial interview process. Prospective crew members should have relatively open availability.


Why should I become a member of the Jordan Mac Dance Crew?

Becoming a member of the Jordan Mac Dance Crew is more than just an opportunity to dance. It’s the chance to join a strong community of like-minded individuals who share your passion. In this role, you will become a community leader and one of the faces of the Jordan Mac brand. It’s also an exclusive opportunity to enhance your personal social media presence. Lastly, it’s an invitation to have fun, be creative, and do what you love.


As the dance world changes, Jordan reserves the right to change the listed requirements and add any new ones that she sees fit.

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