No Heels? No Problem! Heels are absolutely optional to wear, and add a fun addition to class, but are not mandatory. Compared to Hip-Hop, heels dance classes tend to have simpler movements than traditional hip-hop classes and boost confidence.



Ready to hit the dance floor? Hip-Hop classes have more complex moves compared to Heels and offer students training in choreography, rhythm, and freestyle. As Jordan Mac says "Life is too short not to dance!" So what are you waiting for? Come on in!



Adult contemporary offers students classes that focus on expressive movements that connect the mind, body, and soul in styles like jazz, lyrical, and ballet, while pairing together modern choreography and technique.  


6pm Beginner Contemporary

7pm Intermediate Contemporary

8pm Advanced Contemporary 


6pm Intermediate Street

7pm Intermediate Hip-Hop

8pm Intermediate Heels


6pm Beginner Street

7pm Beginner Hip-hop

8pm Beginner Heels


Dance Crew (Audition only)

Advanced Hip-Hop

Advanced Heels

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