At a time like this, we are reminded to never take our health and community for granted. Your wellness remains our top priority. We are listening to and relying on the advice of professionals. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus. By creating a safe space online for us to connect and share, we can continue our exciting dance classes :) 


Classes will be held online for the next 2 weeks. We will reassess in April; until then, we will continue to do our part to promote physical and mental health by participating in dance classes. Staying active can lower stress levels and help build your immune system. We encourage you to continue your dance classes online and film yourself to share with your dance community.


You can still enroll in a class by clicking below. Stay tuned in for more information. We will provide you an update on how to access your online classes by the beginning of this week.


WIth love- Jordan Mac & Team

Adult Recreational 



Dance enrollment at our studio consists of a 4-Class monthly program for $59/month. Dancers meet at the same time each week to learn choreography over the span of 4 classes.

Payments are processed on the 1st of the month. If you enroll in the middle of the month, the payment amount will be prorated based on when you enroll. 

The continuous class format is more likely to result in skill retention than a standard short-term class option. Similarly, enrolled students get 12 free classes per year.​

Drop-in classes are one-time appearances in the class of your choosing. You learn the choreography without the consistent commitment to your dance training. Drop-in students can come and go as they please at at a $20 cost each visit.


*Note: Drop-Ins may only be redeemed for the skill level, class type, and date selected. No substitutions or exchanges. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Only $59/mo per course


*** Secure your place in our future classes by joining the waitlist! Current students can join a waitlist through the student portal. New students must set up an account with us before joining a waitlist. No charges are processed when you make a waitlist reservation. Waitlist reservations allow dancers to put themselves in a waiting line for a future class. When the class is added to the schedule, waitlisters will be the first ones notified.

2021 Closed dates:

New Years Day: January 1st 

Spring Break: April 2nd - April 4th 

Memorial Day: May 29th 31st 

Independence Day: July 3rd -July 8th 

Labor Day: September 4th -6th 

Thanksgiving: Nov 23rd -27th 

December: 21st - Jan1st 

2020 Closed dates:

New Years Day: January 1st 

Spring Break: March 30th - April 5th 

Memorial Day: May 23rd-25th 

Independence Day: July 3rd - July 5th 

Labor Day: September 5th- 7th 

Thanksgiving: Nov 25th -27th 

December: 23rd- Jan1st 


Recreational Classes

Enroll today and your $35 registration fee will be waived!

Class 1 choreography begins the first week of March


Adult Drop-in Classes

Class 1

This is the  best time to drop in/register for a course! Start choreography to a new song!

No better time to start dancing!

Class 2

Review choreography from Class 1. 

New steps may be added at the instructor’s discretion.

Drop-ins are welcome!

Class 3

Drop-ins who can quickly learn choreography are welcome.

Instructor will review choreography from Class 1 & 2. 

Class 4

 Students must have attended Class 3 in order to drop-in because we professionally film class.

Please Register at the front desk.  

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