Jordan Mac Studios offers weekly drop-in classes, where dancers ages 18 and over can come and go as they please throughout the year to learn fun and inspired choreography in one hour sessions. With no commitments and no grueling schedules to adhere to, a drop-in class gives adult dancers the perfect opportunity to work on their skills at times that are best for them; you can drop-in one class per week, one class per month, or one class every couple of months if you’d like — as long as you’re coming to class focused and ready to have fun, you’re more than welcome!


Drop-ins consist of beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. We empower the dancers themselves to decide what level they are at, but if you aren’t sure, you can always start with intermediate in order to gauge where you stand. Advanced classes typically follow intermediate ones, so if you’re ready to move on to a more challenging course on the same day, that option is available to you as well. Both intermediate and advanced courses will cover the same choreography, but advanced courses will cover an entire dance routine at a faster pace while intermediate only learn half the routine taught at a slower pace. 


Varying styles of choreography will be taught throughout the year, with instructors subject to change as well. While most of our drop-ins will focus on hip-hop and heel choreography, special classes will feature jazz, jazz-funk, contemporary dance, and vogue. Participants can wear anything they feel most comfortable dancing in, just be sure to bring options for footwear, just in case your shoes mark up the floors. We look forward to seeing you!




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