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What is the Enrollment Program?

The enrollment program at Jordan Mac Studios includes 48 weekly classes per year, during which students can learn choreography and technique. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level classes are available for the following styles: Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Street, and Heels. Enrollment carries a monthly fee of $59 per class on Autopay, for one class per week, with the ability to cancel at any time with a two-week notice.

By enrolling in classes at Jordan Mac Studios, students will have a variety of added benefits compared to the drop-in student. With enrollment, students will enjoy free classes, access to auto-payments, weekly classes, and signing in and out with ease.

Here’s how enrollment works:

Each year, Jordan Mac Studios will have 48 classes in each course, but you will only be charged for 36 of those classes. That means, for each course you enroll in, you can save up to $240 a year. Additionally, students who need time off for vacations, family events, work, school, or for any other personal reasons, have the ability to miss class stress-free. You have 12 weeks of free classes out of the 48, and we know that even the most dedicated student misses class from time to time. That is why these free classes are built into each course. This way, there’s no need for refunds if you miss a class and no stress when you do miss a class either!

How am I billed?

Enrolled students are billed on a month-to-month basis. The enrollment begins on the date of registration and subsequent billing occurs on that date each month. (For example, if a student registers for a course on January 12th, their next billing will be February 12th, and so on). 

Why should I enroll?

Students will consistently learn technique and choreography in a focused environment. The continuous class format is more likely to result in skill retention than a standard short-term class option. Similarly, enrolled students get 12 free classes per year.​

What if I never miss a class?

For students who never miss a beat, and are able to attend all 48 classes per year, you will be getting the most bang for your buck! You will be enjoying 12 weeks of free classes and the full $240 worth of savings to match! Props to you!

What if I sign up for more than one course? I want to enroll in Beginner Hip-Hop and Beginner Heels. How many classes do I receive at no charge?

You will receive 12 for each course enrollment. If a student is enrolled in two courses, they receive 24, that’s 12 per class. If you are enrolled in three classes, you receive 36, and so on. There is no enrollment limit!

What if I decide to drop one enrollment and enroll in a different class?

If a student decides to change their course, they need to let one of our representatives know as soon as possible by calling 248-688-9816 or emailing us at Students are more than welcome to change courses, but a $10 processing fee will be assessed each time an enrollment change is made. This only applies if a student drops one course and enrolls in a new course. If a student adds a new course onto their enrollment, but keeps their previous course, then there is no processing fee, only the cost of enrolling in multiple courses.

How did you come up with the monthly charge of $59 

There are 48 classes in a year. We divided those 48 classes into 12 monthly payments, (Note, due to holidays and the number of days in a certain months, some months have 3 classes and others have 5). Instead of charging students $80 a month for 4 classes, we charge $59 for three and do not charge students for the 4th class.

You can check out the full course schedule for the remainder of 2019, 2020, and 2021 in the course schedule tab above.

How do I cancel my enrollment?

Students can cancel their enrollment at any time by visiting our website, calling one of our representatives at 248-688-9816, or by email at The student's enrollment will be canceled within two weeks of officially notifying Jordan Mac Studios.

Can I still drop-in to a class even though I am enrolled?

Yes, even though you are enrolled in one course, you can still drop-in to another course. We leave this option open for students who want to try another dance style or level without committing to an entire new course. However, students who do decide to drop-in will be assessed the $20 drop-in charge per class they decide to drop-in to.

How do Drop-Ins Work?

If a student registers for a drop-in, the drop-in purchased can only be used for the specific date, time, course, and level type that the student purchased it for. Students may not substitute or use the purchased drop-in for another course, date, or level type. Students who purchase more than one drop-in may only use each drop-in on the specific date and time that they purchased the drop-in for. For instance, if a student purchased a drop in for our Beginner Contemporary course on Monday, January 6th, then the student may only use that drop-in for Beginner Contemporary on Monday, January 6th. 


Drop-ins are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What should I wear to classes?

Wear whatever is comfortable for movement. Most students wear shorts, leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, or tank tops. We do ask that you bring in separate shoes to dance in. We do not allow street shoes (shoes worn outside) in the studio. For our Heels course, you are welcome and encouraged to wear heels, but they are not required to take the course.

How can I be featured in the class video?

The intent of weekly class videos (filmed on the Studio Phone) is to give students the opportunity to review their choreography for the next week(s), to self-assess areas of improvement, and practice performing on camera. 


Final videos (or 4th-week videos) are filmed with a professional camera and are meant to be the highlight reel of the current song. We want to highlight students who perform the choreography well. So, as you learn the choreography for your next 4-week session, be sure to also practice performing your routine. Have a confident attitude, add some facial expressions, and work on the musicality of your movements. If you aren’t sure how, ask your instructor! 


Final videos will be featured on our social media sites and star students will be in the running for our Student Spotlight! Bring your A-game!

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